After the death of our mother, the great transfeminist pioneer Lady Marikarmen,
we honor her legacy with a concert at her funeral and vow to continue her fight: 

Destroy the patriarchy,
the cis-hetero-normality
and the forced gender binary

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las marikarmen

new album

Compost your Gender

This album that mixes queer pop, trap, hip-hop, electronic music and more has 6 of our own songs:

⚧️ Compost your Gender ⚧️
💋 Ladyboi 💅
🍆 8000 dildos 🍆
🍬 Chuchería 👨
👗 Me se sale el huevo de la falda 🐣
😢 Lágrimas de hombres cis 😭

and the songs written by Capitano Barbaconyo:
🧔 Pionera del pelo 👙
💰 Pasta 💰
🔥 Joder Poder 🔥
♀️ F/M (Ж/М) ♂️
👬 Affective net 👬



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Album on a USB unicornio

Tears of Cis Men


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Las Marikarmen is a collective, feminist and queer project in which music, performance, drag, and living together are mixed. It aspires to provide a space for dissident identities in the rural area of Collserola (Barcelona). We organize ourselves horizontally and bring this concept to the stage, where we all sing, dance, play instruments, do performance, video… and whatever else it takes!
The band’s success is based on the participation of many different people since 2017 and is open to new members.

Current artists:

Victoria Sickness

“a ball done fall outta my skirt”

Multidisciplinary choni (something like a ghetto chica who goes grocery shopping in house shoes and too much lipstick). Trapped in an eternal loop to get “gold” jewelry and a sugar mommy. Also an acrobat and very, very full of autotune. 


Contàmina Perpétua

“i live in a parallel world”

A creature from intergalactic space that was found living in a tree in Japan. Their name means Perpetual Contamination. Loves origami and coconut. Plays the bari sax to train their lungs and thus survive in this atmosphere.



Sant Cugat, Barcelona, Catalonia

If you want a theatrical concert or a drag workshop in your neighborhood,

or you just need someone to listen to you, call us.

you look fabulous

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